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Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias plaguing the human species. People with arachnophobia experience fear and unease when they believe they are in the presence of spiders. The sight of cobwebs or spiders themselves can cause a person … Continue reading

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QUESTION: Where do bugs go in winter? ANSWER: Insects can adapt to survive many different climates and changes in weather conditions.  Insects will go through behavioral and/or physiological changes to adapt to cold temperatures and increase their chances of survival … Continue reading

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We receive a lot of calls in the fall from people concerned about ladybugs taking over their homes and biting their family members. Ladybugs do not bite! If you are being bitten by an insect that looks like a ladybug, … Continue reading

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I showed up to a cockroach job, that turned out to be double booked.  When a job is double booked I don’t have to stay because someone else is already there doing the job and I can go right to … Continue reading

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Hi I’m a mouse that likes to hide, but where am I most likely to be… in the home I like to hide in locations where I can’t be seen such as behind cupboards or behind the wall voids, beneath … Continue reading

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