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We share our cities and parks with many different types of animals and wildlife.  These animals are resourceful, they are scavengers, predators, prey, and survivors.  Sometimes these critters will venture a little too close to home in order to find … Continue reading

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As the snow melts away in western Canada and the signs of spring are appearing, so are thirteen-lined ground squirrels and pocket gophers. The 13 stripped Richardson ground squirrel can easily be identified by its thirteen stripes on its back … Continue reading

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As the temperatures are starting to rise and the snow is melting, you may be seeing many grass laden tunnels appearing in your grass. This year’s vole population will likely be very high due to the heavy amounts of snow … Continue reading

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Sometimes you want to do it yourself and that’s great, but it’s important to remember that trapping live wild animals without the proper training and experience may lead to failure. You may not catch the animal you are trying to. … Continue reading

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Scientific Name: Mus musculus Common Names: House Mouse Color: generally gray-brown with a gray stomach Weight: adults weigh between 17 – 25 grams Length: up to 20cm, nose to tail FACT: The house mouse often lives in close association with … Continue reading

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