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Baby It's Cold Outside: Why Mice Move In For The Winter

No one wants to have unexpected guests, particularly when they are the tiny four-footed kind. Mice, like most warm-blooded animals like to be warm during the cold months and your home is the perfect place for their winter vacation. The last thing you want for the holidays is to have ...

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The Big Threat of Mice in your Home

Mice. They’re the last thing you want in your home.

They pose a serious health hazard and create an unsanitary environment, never mind the scares they may give to you, your spouse and your children.

The big threat of mice is that once you find one, you’re unfortunately ...

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How To Prevent Mice From Coming Into Your Home This Fall

To prevent mice from entering your home, your shed, your garage, your car, or any other location in your yard, the primary key is to stop them before they can get in. Inspect and seal any openings, cracks or crevasses from the outside into your home or location you’re ...

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Pigeons, Seagulls, And The Manitoba Interlake

The number one pest bird in North America is the common feral (wild) pigeon. Like many pests, the pigeon is ...

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Product Feature: Mhouse vs Tomcat

Question: There’s a mouse in the house and I prefer not to use traps – what do I do?

Answer ...

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