Bed Bugs: Heat Treatments vs Chemicals

Bed Bugs: Heat Treatments vs Chemicals

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Bed bugs are very small creatures that hide in cracks and crevices. They can be difficult to find. Once discovered, an infestation can be difficult to eradicate. Exterminators across western Canada will advise you to use the more effective bed bug heat treatment over chemicals to deal with this problem.


How bad are bed bugs really?

There are several reports concerning an increase of bed bug infestations. These occurrences are not relegated to impoverished areas and dirty back room areas. Bed bugs are showing up in fine hotels, hospitals, dorm rooms, churches, dry cleaners, just about any place where you find people. Some people are highly allergic to bites exhibiting large welts. Open sores from bites can lead to infection and Hepatitis B has been found in the fecal waste of some bed bugs. Up to 28 known human pathogens are carried by these tiny creatures.


Why not use chemicals?

For years chemicals have been used to treat insect problems. Unfortunately, during those years insect populations have been growing more and more immune to pesticides. Many of these chemicals are harmful in one way or another to humans and of course, they have an adverse effect on the environment. Besides these concerns, chemicals will not necessarily wipe out an infestation with one application. Bedding and mattresses may have to be removed or destroyed in some cases causing additional expense.


How heat makes a difference

Heat has the advantage of being able to wipe out an infestation in one treatment. At temperatures of 115o all stages of bed bugs can be eliminated in less than ten minutes. An effective heat treatment will kill adults, nymphs and eggs at the same time. This is done without the need for replacing mattresses or bedding, worrying about pets or family members getting sick or having adverse reactions.


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