Product Feature: Poulin's Super Strength II

Product Feature: Poulin's Super Strength II

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Poulin’s Super Strength II is our ready-to-use, fast acting and long-lasting residual pesticide spray. It can be used for long-term spot, crack, and crevice treatment and is effective indoors and outdoors. This spray provides control for ants, bed bugs, brown dog ticks, carpet beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, firebrats, house flies, red flour beetles, rice weevils, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, as well as whiteflies and aphids on indoor plants. As long as a target is mentioned on the label of a pesticide, it will be effective against them!

The active ingredient is permethrin (0.35%), a man-made chemical pesticide in the pyrethroid family. Permethrin sprays, such as Poulin’s Super Strength II, create a barrier wherever it is sprayed, as insects that come into contact with it by crawling across or resting upon the area will be killed by the chemicals. It acts as a nerve toxin causing muscle spasms, paralysis, and death to insects.

The best places to apply residual pesticides depends on which kind of pest you are targeting. However, the most common places to use it are doorframes, window frames and sills, cracks and crevices around the interior and exterior foundation of the structure, around baseboards, behind shelving, chests, drawers, around sinks, drains and pipes, and behind kitchen appliances like stoves and refrigerators.

Residual pesticides are effective as a long-term insect control option because after it’s been sprayed, it sticks around for a while before needing to be reapplied as necessary. The length of time the permethrin remains present and active depends on the conditions of the area and what it’s applied to in the first place – for example, a residual pesticide sprayed somewhere in direct sunlight outdoors where the elements will break it down quicker may need to be re-applied more often than when it is applied inside, away from the sun in a cool dry place with minimal dust or wind breaking it down.

Particularly in regards to bedbug control, this spray can be applied directly to headboards, under and around nightstands, the legs of the bed, and any part of the bed frame that is a hard material your skin won’t be coming into contact with – so, not the mattress or pillows themselves. A contact spray is needed for things like bedding and couches.

When applied to a potted indoor plant, only spray enough to lightly damped the leaves but not so much it runs off in excess.

Masks and gloves should be worn while working with any pesticide products. Caution should be taken after use to be out of the area for 4-6 hours to allow a safe amount of drying time. Once dry, it’s safe to come into contact with, but remains harmful and lethal to insects.

At Poulin’s Pest Control, we’re experts in the elimination of pest problems. If you want to take care of the problem yourself, we carry a number of products in addition to Poulin’s Super Strength II to assist with insect difficulties, and if you need our help, technicians are standing by. Remember – there’s no foolin’ with Poulin.

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